Kiwi nest confirmed at Shakespear sanctuary

Localmatters: “Rangers at Shakespear Open Sanctuary have a very ‘hands off’ approach to the 20 kiwi that were released there earlier this year, but open sanctuaries senior ranger Matt Maitland received confirmation of good news when he accidentally came across a male kiwi sitting on an egg last month.”  Read the full article via the following link:

Kiwi nest confirmed at Shakespear sanctuary

Fresh eggs and honey!

                                                   Our chicks will still have to grow a bit, but soon the eggs on the breakfast table will be as fresh and local asimg_20170923_105326 can be! Just like our honey 🙂15940744_1130137987084525_3824595843037144762_n

World Masters Games 2017

Last week was an active time for many athletes, their partners and supporters who came to Auckland from all over the world for the World Masters Games! It was an absolute pleasure to host Jenny and Kevin who took the first place 3 times in athletics! The kids love their gold medalist hats Kevin, thank you very much untitled
We also had the pleasure hosting two weightlifters who can count themselves among the strongest men in the world. Esteban and Alfredo, hope you made it home by now!
All very impressive and inspirational