Wedding night

This weekend April and Alan spent their wedding night at our B&B. What a lovely couple, congratulations! To make the room look extra romantic sister (in law) Sarah supplied nice scented flower petals and Hershey Kisses for on the bed. We got a nightcap of honey & gold liqueur with some sweet treats awaiting the newlyweds on their arrival. Awesome we were part of their special day in this way!

DSC06663 DSC06664

Orca around Tiritiri Matangi Island

WOW! Orca spotted around bird sanctuary Tiritiri Matangi Island. The ferry to visit this beautiful island is only a short 10 minutes drive from us. “This group of around 10 orca was photographed near Tiritiri Matangi Island on September 20. They are not common in this area and seeing them was a bonus for Massey researchers who are studying the occurrence of bottlenose dolphins around the Hibiscus Coast. Photos, Kate Harder and Blair Outhwaite.” Local Community Newspaper Hibiscusmatters October 1, 2015


Happy guests

Feeling very much appreciated! Our guests this weekend were so happy that after check-out they returned with flowers and a (very quickly disappearing) chocolate egg for Sem. Absolutely unnecessary of course, but very very much appreciated, thank you Dylan and Eve DSC03359